Foto Radu Palaniță la Românii au Talent (1)

On June 30, 2020, for the first time in Romania, the AUTO MECHANICS DAY was celebrated! A tribute to the passion and dedication with which the craftsmen of the automotive industry take care, day after day, of the safety and comfort of those behind the wheel. The anniversary was marked by a special show: Radu Palaniță, the grand winner of “Romanians have talent” 2020, dedicated his first concert to his colleagues. The event was broadcast exclusively online, reaching almost 100 000 people. It was an hour full of emotion and energy, with famous songs, covers of famous artists, performed on the stage of a car service in Bucharest with the Joy band.

Watch Radu Palaniță’s show here

We chatted with Radu after the concert for a few brief impressions

First concert of my life… “It was my first concert, full band, and I’m glad I played for and in honour of my branch. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to carry off such a long concert for the first time, at one point I even thought I was going to lose my voice… Initially I thought it would be an hour of singing, with a break in the middle. I looked over the reviews after the concert, but I haven’t had a chance to study them all yet. It seemed to me that most of them were positive, a good sign, there were people online from the US, from Spain, from all over Romania… In 5 years, I see myself having a nice musical career. But I still don’t realise what’s happening to me, I don’t realise the scale”

The qualities a car mechanic must have… “In the field of car mechanics you have to have a very good knowledge, they say that theory and practice go together here. Yes, you have to know the theory as well, but you have to know the practice as well in what you do. And in mechanics, and in music I think passion applies, I think that’s what we’re talking about – the more passion we put into what we do, the more we’ll get the right results. I find it more difficult to work in service than to play. But the singing thing is relatively new to me, I haven’t really got tired of it yet, I’m just starting out, I can’t complain.”

The collaboration with AD Auto Total…T “is old. At one point in 2013, we had a small auto parts shop where we collaborated very well with AD Auto Total. I originally had physical shop, at some point it stopped working, because I was fighting with some titans, I consider myself, at that time, moved online. I also remember the enjoyable experience at the Auto Total Business Show (ATBS), I kept wandering the aisles of the different suppliers, I loved it. We still collaborate now, through the trade – they supply us with parts. I think the Auto Total hoodie also brought me good luck in the <<Romans Have Talent>> contest, like everything else that happened during that period” (laughs).


The event is AD Auto Total’s trademark, a celebration that we want to make a tradition and celebrate every year from now on. For your dedication to your profession and the stamina behind the workbench, even in the months of quarantine, for your effort to keep up to date with new technologies in the constantly evolving automotive field, we now, with hope for the future, mark June 30 in the calendar and dedicate it to you. Dear auto mechanics across the country, thank you and Happy Birthday!


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