Through continuous learning, innovation and sustained training of the professional community , we are closer to the needs of our employees and partners.


To go beyond the auto parts distribution market and become an authority fighting for the good of auto mechanics and their admirable craft, for the good of the business managers we work with and their success, and last but not least, for the good of our employees and their families. For any types of motion.

For a more sustainable, better way of life.


We have grown in 30 years from 4 to 2000 employees and together with our partners we are a family.

One Big Family.
We spend most of our time with this big family in the office, at our customers’ garages, on the field playing football.
A family where we value simple but true values: the promises we make and keep, open communication, respect, care and emotional support and responsibility.

Mistakes here are understood and they are valuable lessons for our development.
This simplicity has taken us from where we were to where we are today.

Better educated and many books read, more competitive.

Each and every one of us simply better.

Better all together.

And feeling appreciated.
In a word, we’re leaders, but with the same modesty in our DNA.

And for us, that’s the ideal family that makes the company ideal.

We believe in family energy.
Family is the lifeblood from which we feed

Competitive culture comes from the top and it is about
attitude and the strategic formula adopted.

It’s like in football… the equation
between the relationship of teammates, their longevity on the team,
their playing style and the contribution each member makes.

Big or small.

The contribution that builds a phase.

Contribution that’s better today than yesterday.

Contribution made by each member of the team.

Revved up. And constant. For evolution. For better.

And with every well-played pass we’ve achieved today’s performance.

Through promises we kept.

By trusting ourselves and our partners.

Through transitions, adaptability and understanding.

To our prosperity and that of our partners first and foremost.

To the curiosity of discovering excellence together.

For the joy of celebrating victory together.

Performance is our philosophy

Curious by nature, we want to know everything that’s new.
Ambitious, we want to do as much as possible.
We listen to our partners and then juggle solutions to their needs.

Then, with entrepreneurial minds we innovate.

We delete.

We innovate again.

Until the right piece or information gets to the right partner when it needs to.

And we start over.

And innovate again.

We believe in innovation
Curious. We listen and we innovate.

We as a team have a positive attitude.

On a rainy day, we see sunshine on the street.

In challenges, we see solutions.

We listen carefully to what our employees, customers and partners want.

We support them with the best we can: books, tools, services, education.

We were the first to offer them support in vocational education through the Automotive Academy in Romania.

Here we have formed a community.

Then we brought them recognition in the first Mechanic of the Year competition.
Now we refurbish for partners turbines, gearboxes for a positive environmental impact.

We take care of it for our children to be next to us. In Romania.

We listen with positive attention

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