From the very first moment, we chose to rely on quality, fairness, professionalism and speed. Since our business model is profoundly rooted in a powerful entrepreneurial spirit, from the very beginning we have oriented ourselves towards a solid growth with a foundation of long-term partnerships, built on mutual trust and respect.

This long-term stability was a real support for customers, which motivated us to continuously improve the quality of our services and products and has helped us to evolve towards the place where we are today in the automotive industry:

  • 38% market share in 2022;
  • over 373 mil. EUR sales in 2022;
  • fast, high-density distribution network;
  • continuous presence and expansion on an international level.

It is the platform on which we have built and on which we will always build constructive, transparent communication with all the involved actors. The client orientation and the experience that we give them can only be done on the premises of a trust rapport, confirmed by both parties and reinforced over time.


The technological evolution is in our brand’s DNA. We create solutions. We create projects. We identify development opportunities and competitive advantages for our customers and partners. From the latest generation call-center to unique, advanced solutions for fleet management (Total Fleet Management), to top events, we set the tone for the best practices in the automotive industry.

Result Oriented

We operationalize all the levels of the organization and we persevere in reaching our objectives. We concentrate on results, we take pride in the obtained results, we prize motivation and ambition and we are always ready to exceed the expectations of those around us.

People oriented

We practice teamwork and the development of our employees is crucially important to us. The auto field is always changing, and that is why we motivate them to be on top of the newest and most innovative technologies available and to constantly update their skills. With constant experience exchanges and a viable cross-functional modal, we concentrate on the internal know-how, so that the company’s long-term performances are generated by knowledge and knowledge sharing. From the very beginning, passion has lead us to approaching the field well beyond its aspect or function. Consequently, we created an organization in which each employee has the feeling of belonging.


We are constantly trying to overcome our limits, respecting the fundamental values we have taken.
We are constantly competing with ourselves to be better, better prepared, faster and more flexible.
We know that every link counts, that we continuously invest in the human and professional development of our colleagues. The company’s values are only made in reality when they are assumed and internalized by each member of the AD Auto Total extended family.
That is why we support each team member so that they can be exceptional in relation to those around them.

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