Automotive: What have we learned from the first two months of the pandemic?


“Get ready for the best starting in the second half of this year! The social distancing measures have brought many situations that we were not used to, but […] they will influence us positively as they lead to reduced use of public transport and increased use of personal cars, which will lead to the recovery of the aftermarket!”.
Just one of the views of our partners, some of the most important suppliers to the automotive market, who we asked what they think about the times we are going through.

Mircea Bela -Country Sales Manager Romania Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (1)
Florin Văsuț - Project Manager Mann-Filter (1)
Adrian David - Director General OSRAM România (1)
Bogdan Avrigeanu
Claudiu Teriș - Sales Executive Romania Denso Europe (1)
Costel Trincă -Manager Vânzări Aftermarket România (1)

“Despite the challenges of the last two months, strategic cooperation has been strengthened through flexibility, openness and adaptation to a previously unforeseen situation. More than ever before, it’s how hard we try to find solutions, not explanations, that counts”, says Mircea Bela, Country Sales Manager Romania Bosch Automotive Aftermarket. “I can’t say that our business relations have worsened, on the contrary, I would say that the level of communication is much higher. And it is normal that such a higher level of communication occurs in order to try to compensate for the market situation and the lack of direct contact” believes Florin Văsuț, Project Manager Mann-Filter. “We have adapted to the existing situation. We moved to home-office, we tried to be close to our partners and to honour as best as possible the orders, reduced as they are today. But we know that we will get through this period, but we also know that we all have to make compromises and stand by our partners in order to restart business in pre-pandemic conditions” adds Adrian David, General Manager OSRAM Romania. Bogdan Avrigeanu, Distributor Business Manager Castrol Lubricants RO, confirms: “Much more openness, patience, understanding and support in the business. We are all going through this period and it is very important to be together as a real family”.


Claudiu Teriș, Sales Executive Denso Romania Europe: “Humanity, solidarity and human quality! I think these are the most important aspects in these volatile times”.
Costel Trincă, ROMBAT Romania Aftermarket Sales Manager: “The desire to continue to cultivate healthy business relationships and to keep and retain our partners, as well as the confidence that even in such turbulent times we can build successful businesses”.
Bogdan Avrigeanu: “A strong team! Further proof that we can get through anything together”. Florin Văsuț: “Our concern for the quality of our products and services has remained constant, now “renewed” with an additional concern – the safety of our customers”.


Mircea Bela: “We are confident that everyone realises the importance of people, in any field, especially in difficult times. This is also the reason why Bosch Automotive Aftermarket puts a premium on quality and training when it comes to treating the customer. Every automotive service department finds Bosch to help with this, both mechanics and managers.”
Adrian David: “I think this period will end soon and we will have a lot of work to do. With the relaxation of social distancing measures, the car will become much more important than it was before. I think a lot of people will avoid public transport so the number of cars on the road will increase. Hence the increase in our business, I expect an increase in requests for repairs and parts in the coming months. I hope that by early autumn we will make up for what was lost in the period March-May 2020.”
Costel Trincă: “I believe that the role of mechanics in Romania remains extremely important in this period and in the period to come. Even if there is less traffic at the moment and many cars have been pulled over, we can expect a gradual return of traffic or perhaps even an increase in traffic, taking into account the need for further social distancing, which could lead to an increase in the work of mechanics. There will certainly continue to be a need for well-trained people who offer quality work, so mechanics will remain an important cog in the Romanian automotive industry, I believe.”
Claudiu Teriș: “Get ready for the best from the second half of this year! The social distancing measures have brought many situations that we were not used to, but in relation to our business, these measures will have a positive influence on us because they lead to reduced use of public transport and increased use of personal cars, which will lead to a recovery of the spare parts market!”.
Bogdan Avrigeanu: Castrol continues to be a reliable partner for all mechanics in Romania, a partner that provides security for them and their families. Only together we will overcome the difficult times. Mechanics are part of the Castrol family. Let’s see each other healthy as soon as possible!
Florin Văsuț: Mann-Filter stands by mechanics in Romania. We have been through even tougher times together, so we are convinced that this time too we will succeed together and reach higher than we have been.

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