Thank you message

Dear drivers,

I don’t usually write to you. But today it’s time to thank tens of thousands of people.

We want to thank the auto mechanics from all over Romania who, under crisis conditions, chose to give those who needed them the feeling of security in these uncertain times, to give them the certainty that in our world, of auto repair, nothing has changed, repairing their cars like yesterday-the day before, like tomorrow-the day after… In recent weeks, mechanics across the country have all had to overcome the paradox of panic that required them to stay home and close the doors against obvious reason. The state needed to function and mobility had to be ensured even in crisis conditions – a moral duty for all of us in the auto repair industry.

We want to thank the NGOs that help vulnerable groups, firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers, the supply fleets of big retail chains, the fleets of strategic companies, telecoms and many others who make sure that society itself does not die. Someone had to give them first aid too, so at the end of last week, the Government, by issuing Military Ordinance No 8, recognised this need and gave a lifeline to those who depend on the car and want access to mobility in times of crisis.

We would like to thank the car services that have chosen to adapt and quickly implement all the safety measures recommended by officials, thus saving jobs and making it easier for all drivers to travel safely in their personal cars. The services have organised their schedule in shifts to ensure permanent operation in case their staff is affected by illness. They have developed new services, including Pick-up and Drop-off at the customer’s home, which were not promoted before the crisis. The link with the customer was maintained exclusively through video calls and payments were made by card.

We are all one heart. Same pulse, hundreds of thousands of faces.

AD Auto Total

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